Welcome to the Princes Capano Castle

The Castle of the Capano Princes was inherited in 1290 by Guido d’Alment, who came to Italy in the wake of Charles I of Anjou, and was subsequently purchased by the Capano family.

The symbol of the village is the medieval tower that seems to rise from the sea. With a square plan, on three floors that each take light from a single-pane window. The Castle retains its peculiar characteristics in the various environments that compose it, including the oil mill (the “ugliaro”), the stables, and the guard posts. What appears to us today is the castle that emerged from the restructuring of 1610, commissioned by an illustrious member of the family, Vincenzo Capano, 15th prince of Pollica. One of the rooms of the castle is associated with the name of Sant’ Alfonso De ’Liguori, who stayed there for a long time, apparently to deepen the pagan habits of the inhabitants. It was owned by the Capano princes, originally from Rocca Cilento, for several centuries, until the extinction of the family, when the fief of Pollica was inherited by the De Liguoro for just nine years, before feudalism was eradicated in the middle of the Napoleonic period.

In 1997 the Castle was bought by the Municipality and has since become a heritage of Pollica and the Pollichesi.